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"Authentic meditation is not a method that you practice for a set period every day. It is the ability to observe your thinking, feeling, and behavioral patterns from a neutral space between stimulus and response." 


My Approach

I spent many years delving into the writings and lectures of the great masters of philosophy, psychology, and mindfulness. I created the concept of simple circles when I discovered that they display the various realms of control, boundaries, healthy and unhealthy attachment, and free choice. My approach will show you how and why our thinking patterns lead to feelings and behaviors, and how you can reprogram these patterns.​

Separate Circles

Separated Circles  

Here these is no overlap. No interest or desire to connect. Nothing is taken personally. 

Copy of Peach Pastel Simple Mental Care Venn Diagram Graph (1)_edited.jpg

Enmeshed Circles

There is unhealthy attachment and loss of autonomy. Self-concept is confused with other-concept and how life unfolds. 

Circles of Reality_edited.jpg

Overlapping Circles

There are healthy boundaries in place where you accept the other person and how life unfolds. But you have preferences instead of demands.

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