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David Zulberg



David Zulberg, born in South Africa, has always had a deep connection with nature and wildlife. Currently residing in New York, he holds a Master’s in Finance from Columbia University. David dedicated six years of his life to studying ancient and philosophical texts intensively. CEO of Global VaTax, he also has a thriving writing career, contributing thought-provoking content on health and philosophy to various online and print media platforms, including David’s expertise has earned him interviews on distinguished networks such as ABC, CBS, and PIX 11. He has authored two highly acclaimed books published by Feldheim Publishers and Rodale Publishers.


Published by Feldheim Publishers – Experience an inner and outer transformation with David Zulberg’s The Life-Transforming Diet. This simple, practical and anything-but-boring program is more than merely a diet. It is a lifestyle that you can live with, because you are empowered to choose what to eat and when to eat it. Based on the wisdom of Maimonides (Rambam), one of the greatest Jewish philosophers who ever lived and the outstanding doctor of his time, the Life-Transforming Diet will give you the tools for optimum emotional and physical health, a more spiritual outlook and sustainable weight loss, no matter what your age, gender or occupation.


Published by Rodale Publishers – David Zulberg turned to the forgotten wisdom of the ancients―Maimonides, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Galen, and even Benjamin Franklin―to find consensus on ideal nutrition for optimum physical and emotional health. On The 5 Skinny Habits diet plan, you’ll harness the best of both worlds―the ancient and the modern―for long-term success.

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